September 2019
Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Happy Autumn! In this September edition of Tips & Tricks, we'll take a few minutes to tackle several of the most common questions we hear from Virtual TimeClock users. These topics include how to verify your backups are working, changing the look of your time clock, increasing security with password rules and a tip for upgrading to version 19 on older Windows PCs.


Verifying Your Database Backups

If you've setup scheduled backups of your time clock database, it's important to verify that backups are saving as expected to avoid a surprise down the road. If you're not scheduling backups of your database, get started today!


Want More Privacy for the Time Clock?

Whether you're looking for increased privacy or a more personalized time clock experience, find out how to customize the Virtual TimeClock interface to better suit your needs.


Increasing Time Clock Security

Virtual TimeClock security rules allow you to enforce long, complex user passwords to increase security at the time clock. You can also choose to permit shorter, simpler passwords depending on your policies.


Upgrading to Version 19 on Older PCs

Installing Virtual TimeClock 19 on an older Windows PC or a non-updated operating system? You may need to download a software update from Windows to finish installing version 19. Microsoft has provided simple steps and documentation to complete this update.


24/7 Self-Service Training Library

Got a question about the features or functions included in your Virtual TimeClock software? Check out our complete Knowledge Base library, available any time of the day or night.