September 2018
Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

With school back in session and autumn just around the corner, September is often a quiet month of transition. This month we have several short articles to help you optimize the time clock during your down time and make sure automatic backups are available in case of emergency. Also, we'd love for you to take a few minutes to review Virtual TimeClock!


The Benefits of Time Rounding

Have you ever wondered how quarter hour rounding works on your time clock? In this article we'll explore what time rounding is and how quarter hour rounding works.


Gross Wages for Job Costing

Did you know that Virtual TimeClock can compute gross wages so you can easily assign labor costs to activities, projects, or business units? This short article will help you get started.


Saving Backups to a Network Drive

Windows PC users occasionally run into an issue where they can't save backups to a network drive or folder. This recent technical support blog outlines a quick fix.


Scheduling Backups to Dropbox

Backing up your Virtual TimeClock database to Dropbox is a simple, free way to ensure you won't lose valuable time clock data in the event of a stolen, lost or broken computer.


Time to Review

We all use online reviews to make confident purchase decisions. Help us spread the word about Virtual TimeClock with a quick review on It takes less than 5 minutes!