October 2019
Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Autumn is in full swing and that means employees are back from vacation and summer breaks. To help you manage your workforce, this October Tips & Tricks is focused on how you can use Shift Rules in Virtual TimeClock to manage employee time on the clock. The Shift Rules feature can help you prevent early clocks ins, report late arrivals, enforce full lunch breaks and require manager approval before earning overtime hours.


Prevent Overtime from Early Punches

Clock In Shift Rules can help you eliminate unwanted overtime that comes from employees punching the clock before their shift begins; this can save you hundreds or thousands of payroll dollars a year.


Track Late Arrivals

Setting up a basic shift schedule will allow you to run a Late Arrival Report for tracking tardy arrivals to work. This report is helpful for understanding productivity and conducting employee reviews.


Require Full Lunch Breaks

Need help complying with federal and state lunch laws? Our Lunch Rules can help by requiring full lunch breaks to be taken, as well as preventing unwanted overtime when employees take short lunches.


Stop Early Clock Outs

When employees punch out early from work without manager approval, productivity can take a hit. Clock Out Rules help prevent these early punches and eliminate overtime that adds up when people clock out late.


Daylight Saving Time and your TimeClock

Daylight Saving Time ends in early November when we 'fall back' by adjusting our clocks backward 1 hour. If you have employees who work overnight shifts, make sure you know how to account for all hours worked when DST ends.