November 2018
Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Happy Thanksgiving! We want to take a moment to say 'Thank You' to our valued customers - we count it a privilege to serve you. This month we've gathered a variety of articles to help you save time during this busy holiday season.


Entering Paid Holidays

If you track PTO (Paid Time Off) in Virtual TimeClock, check out this recent support blog for a quick refresher on adding upcoming holidays to your employee timecards.


Let's Do Lunch

​Do you track breaks and lunches with Virtual TimeClock? This article will guide you through configuring the break and lunch buttons to help you accurately track paid and unpaid breaks.


I Forgot to Punch In

People can be forgetful, and using a time clock is no different. When employees forget to punch in or out, Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to add new punches to worker timecards.


Easy on the Eyes

Want to make the In & Out Board interface easier to view on your monitor? Find out how to increase and decrease the text size in this brief support blog.


Not-So-Automatic Updates?

In a bitter twist of irony, our latest automatic update includes a fix for automatic updates. Unfortunately, that means some of our users have had difficulties updating to the latest release. Check out this article on how to complete your 18.2.1 update.