July 2019
Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

We're happy to announce that Virtual TimeClock 19 is now available for download! This is a free upgrade because of your enrollment in our Maintenance & Support program. In this edition of Tips & Tricks we'll share a few of the exciting new features in Version 19.


What's New in Virtual TimeClock 19

If you have not yet upgraded your software, check out the release notes and our 'What's New' video to find out more about Virtual TimeClock 19.


New 64-bit Applications

Virtual TimeClock is now available as a native 64-bit application! This huge code overhaul ensures that Virtual TimeClock will work for years to come on modern operating systems; but don't worry - it's the same time clock you know and love.


New Kiosk Mode

Version 19 introduces a brand new Kiosk Mode with security that allows you to prevent access to other programs on a group time clock computer.


Windows HiDPI Support

If you are running Virtual TimeClock on modern, high resolution monitors, you'll be happy to know that Version 19 includes HiDPI support for Windows.


macOS Dark Mode Support

Do you enjoy Dark Mode on your macOS computers? Our 19 release includes full support for Dark Mode, giving your time clock a fresh, modern look.


How to Upgrade to Version 19

Ready to get started with your free upgrade to Version 19? We've put together a short support article that will show you how to get upgraded in no time.