August 2018
Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks

Summer vacations may be winding down, but we've got some good news for your inbox. Virtual TimeClock Version 18.2 is now available as a free upgrade! Below you will find more information on this software release as well as several recent support articles.


Virtual TimeClock 18.2 is Here

Our mid-year software release includes several new features and dozens of enhancements and improvements. Find out how to upgrade today.


New ADP Workforce Now Integration

Virtual TimeClock 18 Release 2 introduced payroll integration for ADP Workforce Now®. Workforce Now continues to be a popular payroll solution for our customers, so we're excited to offer native payroll integration in this release.


Automatic Time Additions

In Version 18.2, we introduced new Automatic Time Additions to complement the existing Auto Time Deductions feature. Automatic Time Additions can be used to easily add time to an employee's timecard.


Tamper-Free Time Source

While not a new feature, one of the most important settings in Virtual TimeClock is the timestamp source that is used for recording daily timecard punches. If the integrity of your time source is a concern for you, consider using Internet Time Servers.


How Does Tenth Hour Rounding Work?

Have you ever wondered how tenth hour rounding works on your time clock? In this article we'll explore what time rounding is, why you might use rounding and specifically how tenth hour rounding works.


Backing Up to Google Drive

Backing up your Virtual TimeClock database to Google Drive is a simple, free way to ensure you won't lose valuable time clock data in the event of a stolen, lost or broken computer.